Thursday, November 21, 2019

Company diversity policy and diversity training Essay

Company diversity policy and diversity training - Essay Example Its policy on diversity must incorporate the following statement: â€Å"to value diversity is to respect and appreciate race, religion, skin color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical abilities, age, parental status, work and behavioral styles and the perspectives of each individual shaped by their nation and experiences†. Therefore, Benevolent Corporation is encouraging hiring and recruiting personnel from diverse cultural orientation and background consistent with supporting a diverse organizational culture. Training, development and performance evaluation methods should work with diverse programs and audiences. A motivational system based on incentives and rewards should be placed to acknowledge personnel who provide affective educational programs for diverse audiences. Mentoring programs should be installed and implemented to orient current staff of supporting a diverse culture. (Maurice, nod.) The policies and procedures should emphasize the value of diversity and pluralism. By pluralism, it is defined as â€Å"an organizational culture that incorporates mutual respect, acceptance, teamwork, and productivity among people who are diverse in the dimensions of human diversity† (ibid). According to Davis & Bryant (2008), â€Å"diverse environments also yield more effective collaboration and teamwork than homogenous teams. There are a variety of ways to solve a problem; leveraging the input of a diverse staff population helps organizations arrive at better decisions. You can’t underestimate the value of the creativity and ingenuity elicited from a team of varying experience, knowledge, and background.† In addition, by encouraging diversity, organizations were found to attract and retain top talents since it promotes training and development of diverse potentials to contribute to a unified

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