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The Symbolic Meaning of Color in China and Western Countries

The symbolic meaning of the color word of between China and western countries Summary: Show in the Chinese-English language the words of different colors or color is very abundant. We not merely should pay attention to observing themselves basic meaning, should paying attention to the deep and broad symbolic meaning of their meaning even more, because their symbolic meaning often has different characteristics in different national languages, some characteristics even form people to the advocating and taboo of the color after guiding stretching , transferred meaning. The difference of symbolic meanings of the color between such different culture is because of each national difference and producing of†¦show more content†¦Color intension and symbolic meaning are very abundant in Chinese culture, and the symbolic meaning of the color word is plural. For example, the red in Chinese culture comes from the sun. Our ancestor has a kind of instinctive attachment and worships to the sunshine, the red joyous and lucky production naturally of purpose. With getting white as example and then, in mankind initial stage, our ancestor is small and weak and unable, make them completely exposed in broad daylight, an attack of the irresistible fiendish beast of prey, therefore the dialogue color has a kind of instinctive frightened sense, so the white becomes a kind of color and prohibits avoiding as taboo in Chinese culture. It is obvious; the symbolic meaning of the color demonstrates the human psychological characteristics at the same time. Second, concrete description of different symbolic meanings of the color in Chinese and Western culture. , the red advocates the color basically in our countrys culture. It is lucky , joyous that it symbolizes; For example facilitate others bright marriage name matchmaker , joyous day will be it register for bright red lantern to want, stick to and form uniting red, the red good fortune word: The man sticks theShow MoreRelatedThe C ulture Of Hip Hop Culture1499 Words   |  6 Pagescourse content powerpoint, this kind of culture is basically the physical objects of a society, and what kind of meaning they are given based on the context it is in. There are a few examples of this. One would be clothing. In hip hop culture, its material culture would consist of clothing that if it was in the early 2000’s, people apart of it would be wearing baggy clothing. The meaning of baggy clothing was a revolt against of what was considered more normal and safe attire, which does relate toRead MoreCommunication Is A Dynamic Process Composed By Multiple Elements And Steps922 Words   |  4 PagesVerbal communication is composed by sounds, words and language, which has a direct relationship with culture, as affirmed by the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. Non verbal communication is defined as â€Å"those actions and attributes that have socially shared meaning, are intentionally sent or interpreted as intentional, are consciously sent or consciously received, and have the potential for feedback from the receiver.† (Jackson, 2014: 124). These two types of communication are learnt over time and can be understoodRead MoreComparison Between Chinese and American Food Culture Essay1470 Words   |  6 Pages Comparison of Chinese and Western Food Culture Food is closely related to peoples lives and it is considered the most important element in Chinese culture. Chinese food is famous all over the world too. American Chinese cuisine differs significantly from the traditional Chinese cuisine and even though the variation in taste can be so it is still attractive to many people. When it comes to food, Chinese people always care about the color, taste, smell and shape of Chinese dishesRead MoreWedding Traditions around the world1343 Words   |  5 Pagesresearch and personal experience the answer is no. Thesis and Preview: Each country among with each culture that resides in that country has its own unique rituals including bridal attire, gifts, and length of ceremonies. Insert Transition #1: Around the globe, brides embrace all kinds of colors and adornments for their big day. According to Wikipedia here in America brides will typically wear a white gown, maybe with some color to match the decorations and brides maid’s dresses. In bliss weddingsRead MoreEssay on Chinese Culture vs. Western and American Culture3118 Words   |  13 Pages Chinese Culture vs. Western and American Culture There are many different aspects on Ancient Chinese culture that differ from Western and American culture. Many things such as education, marriage, and community type can be different from what we have in our Western civilization. Although Chinese culture has evolved through many, many years some ancient traditions still uphold. There are a wide variety of differences between the Chinese and Western cultures forms of art and literature. One exampleRead MoreThe Effects of Color on Personality and Relationships Essay1607 Words   |  7 PagesThe Effects of Color on Personality and Relationships When dealing with interpersonal relationships people’s personalities are a large part of how people get along. When you meet a new person you may say that you â€Å"hit it off† or that â€Å"you just clicked†; this is due to how each other’s personalities coincide with one another’s. People’s personalities are impacted by there surroundings. This paper will discuss how color affects people’s moods and personalities. All people are affected by theirRead MoreColor And Brand Identity And Product Recognition Essay1932 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction A color is a powerful marketing tool to branding. Color establishes brand recognition and reflects brand’s personality or image. As Color has immense psychological influences on consumer s purchases behavior, the studies have proved the purchase is based on the first impression of how they perceive the brand. 93% of shoppers will look at the visual appearance of your company’s logo, website, brochures, or catalogs and then decide to make a purchase. 85% of consumers decide to buy productsRead MoreThe Cultural Culture Of Japan1459 Words   |  6 Pagescultures from around the world. Thanks to them, we have little parts of towns that are chock full of their culture, like China Town and Little Italy. We also have them to thank for all the different types of food and styles of cooking that they have brought over. But what about the cultures of other countries, have Americans influenced their culture like they did to ours? One country that really interested me in answering this question was in Japan. Japan is packed full of culture from their old traditionsRead MoreAncient Scriptures And Its Effects On Chinese Culture2026 Words   |  9 PagesDating back to ancient scriptures, the history of China is comprised of over 3000 years worth of rich culture and no doubt is one of the most advanced civilizations to ever be discovered. Embedded within it’s history, China is known to be one of the most popular tourist spots as a result of it’s resistance to Westernization for several centuries. Aside from the scriptures and art, historians have focused more on Chinese clothing to recount the delicate history behind Chinese cultures and the centuriesRead More Acupuncture: Chinese Medicine Essay1805 Words   |  8 Pagesuse, and even where the pressure is placed. One thing you will find in common among these texts is this, acupuncture works to varying degrees. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The earliest recordings of the use of acupuncture go back 2,000 years. In China it is widely expressed that it has been in use for 4,000 years. The origins go back as early as the Stone Age where abscesses were punctured by sharp stones or bone fragments. ( History ) When you experience pain it is an instinctive reaction to apply

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